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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Knowledge Workers and BPO by LANWANMAN

Knowledge Worker, "A knowledge worker in today's workforce is an individual that is valued for their ability to interpret information within a specific subject area. They will often advance the overall understanding of that subject through focused analysis, design and/or development. They use research skills to define problems and to identify alternatives. Fueled by their expertise and insight, they work to solve those problems, in an effort to influence company decisions, priorities and strategies." - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

With an additional website scheduled to join the eCommerce Safe Services family of networks, websites and blogs before year-end 2009, we look forward to establishing contacts and opportunities with other knowledge workers worldwide.

The new website now being designed and development is named the Knowledge Management Systems Network, and it is located at Although our website has always been the parent site for all eCommerce Safe Services' networks, websites, blogs and other web based resources, it is anticipated that the new site will become the focal point for all operations within eCommerce Safe Services.

To learn more, see the Freelance Writers Website (FWW) Knowledge Workers page. Join our Freelance Writers Network (FWN) Knowledge Workers 2.0 Group (FREE).

Did You Know that Intranets are a type of knowledge management system.

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